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Our Philosophy

Simply Superior Purchasing

The H.E.A.D. Hotel Equipment and Design GmbH takes up the challenge to look beyond its own backyard and learn from other industries. H.E.A.D. for example established and uses best practice methods in processes and systems which are adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the hotel industry. In our team you will find specialists in hotel and catering, IT and various industries, which ensures a wide range of expertise of the buyers and project managers. We stand for modern procurement processes and systems through which the spend of a hotel chain can be mapped to its suppliers to 100%. We are firmly convicted that by sharing a standardized platform each one can achieve better results in purchasing. True to the motto "make the pie bigger" our customers benefit from cross-company pooling effects and procurement projects. To make the best of every day is our goal, which is characterized by innovation and constant development.




In 2018 H.E.A.D. Hotel Equipment and Design GmbH transferred its digital platform to the newly founded Sourcify GmbH. Sourcify.net GmbH is a Frankfurt-based independent software and procurement specialist which offers services to the hotel, catering and care sectors. Deutsche Hospitality and the Kloepfel Group each own 50 percent of Sourcify GmbH.



Go Live updated layout of the audit process



Pilot testing inventory and materials mangagement based on Microsoft Dynamics in one hotel business



Signing the contract with Centro Hotel Management GmbH for the introduction of the digital procurement system and cooperation agreement in purchasing under the leadership of H.E.A.D. Hotel Equipment and Design GmbH



Signing of a collaboration agreement with WISAG Catering Holding GmbH for a joint appearance on the procurement market


October: Signing the contract with Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG for the use of the eProcurement system  H.E.A.D.@web


Pilot project of the invoice verification workflow in five German hotels


H.E.A.D.@web is accessiable by 3rd parties

Implementation of H.E.A.D.@web in Austrian and Dutch Steigenberger and InterCityHotels

Implementation of the fully automated invoice verification workflow

Award of TradeCore Xcellence from  Onventis GmbH, Stuttgart


Implementation of H.E.A.D.@web in Belgian and Suisse Steigenberger Hotels

Enhancement of H.E.A.D.@web with authorisation functionality and goods receipt inspection


Implementation of H.E.A.D.@web in German Steigenberger and InterCityHotels


Change of strategy „Project Picasso - Simple Superior Procurement"


Take over of Steigenberger „Central Department Purchasing“


controlling and profit and loss transfer agreement with  Steigenberger Hotel Group


Change of name into H.E.A.D. Hotel Equipment and Design GmbH


Founding of  Westdeutsche Hotelbedarf GmbH

Purchasing volume

2018: 63,5 Mio. €

2017: 58 Mio. €

2016: 56 Mio. €

2015: 52 Mio. €

2014: 49 Mio. €

2013: 43 Mio. €

2012: 31 Mio. €


Products: 42.000 active; > 1 Mio. available
Number of hotels:  400
Users of eProcurement system: 2.000
Countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, China, United Arab Emirates